I woke up early and got my stuff together. I had breakfast with my campsite mates Stacy and Josh as well as Adam and another one of their friends. I set off some post cards and then checked email real quick and then I was off. I stopped for lunch (leftover pizza) after about 27 miles. The rest of my ride continued at an easy pace. There were a couple very dusty gravel sections that interrupted the pavement, but nothing too bad. I caught up to two cyclists, a father and son, Eric and Scott. They just started in Dawson and were headed for Vancouver. I cycled with them the rest of the way. I decided to set up camp early with Eric and Scott instead of pushing on solo. We cooked a nice spaghetti dinner with tuna as it started to rain. Luckily they had a tarp we could sit under while we cooked and ate. Its only 9:30pm now and if I get to sleep soon, I'll have no problem riding early with the other two to get a nice full day of cycling in and possibly with company. Hopefully with less rain! (56 miles)