Woke up and it was still raining. The skies didn't look like they were clearing up any time soon either. We packed up and got going. My tent was soaked from the all night rain. The ride was less than enjoyable. All I could think about was dealing with a wet tent later tonight. We stopped near McQuesten and were invited in to shelter by the owner of the property. A sawmill operator and cabin builder by trade, he also ran a café and rented cabins and camping spots in the past. He was very nice and let us prepare our meals in the old café he was fixing up to run again. It was a good rest and a good opportunity to wait out the rain and rest up our legs. Towards the end of the ride, the rain lightened up to the point I could take off my rain jacket and booties (which weren't keeping my shoes dry). We hit a couple of decent inclines and then sailed into Moose Creek Lodge around 4pm. Eric and Scott were done, so I decided to join them in renting a cabin ($55) for the night so we could dry everything out, get showered, and have a good nights rest. During dinner, we saw another cyclist stop in coming from the south. Royer was from Pennsylvania and started his trip from Missoula, Montana. He was the first American cyclist I've met so far. Royer and I talked for a while, mostly trading route info since he is going the way I came until Fairbanks, and I am going where he just came from until the Yellowhead Highway, South of the Cassiar. I traded email info with Royer and returned to the cabin to tend to my drying clothes suspended by lines criss-crossing the room. My watch broke today from all the rain. It still functions but you can see moisture under the face and the LCD is difficult to read. I'll have to send it back to Suunto if it doesn't fix itself. Now its time to spoil myself and crawl into a nice cushy bed, hoping for drier days tomorrow. Goodnight! (43 miles)