I woke up to rain this morning. Since I hadn't bothered to attach my rain fly correctly last night, some water got into the tent. I lazily battled the drips, trying not to have my sleep interrupted but finally I had to go outside and adjust the fly. I got out and cruised around Whitehorse. I stopped by the Midnight Sun Coffeehouse and finished the rest of that cinnamon bun from Braeburn. I looked at packs at the outdoor stores downtown and spotted a nice one I might pick up for $190 minus a %20 discount. I hit the bike shop and got a new seat bag and a flashing red light for riding in the evening. I also got some orange tinted glasses for overcast weather. I headed to the hardware store and got a tarp for my tent that can also double as a footprint on rougher terrain. I also got some clips for some extra strapping I got from Scott a few days ago. After my shopping I returned to Cory and Chantel's cabin to set up the tarp and take down my tent and gather my clothes for the laundromat. Cory was up and we had coffee and chatted. I headed to the laundromat and washed some clothes and my tent. I was a little nervous about washing my tent but it turned out just fine. I returned to the Midnight Sun to meet Cory and Chantel. Chantel works there. I checked my email and was so happy to read all the positive feedback from friends and even strangers. It really puts a smile on my face to know people are so supportive of this trip. So far, I like Whitehorse and I think I'll enjoy the few days I'll be spending here before continuing on. I started talking to a couple of girls I saw in Dawson at the coffeehouse. I told them about my trop and one asked me about bear spray. When I said I didn't have any, she offered to leave me an extra can she had at the coffee shop. I almost went to that store to pick up that pack but it was pouring outside so I went a few blocks to Cory's to meet him. We went over to his friend John and Kirsten's place to hang for a while. We chatted about music festivals and other miscellaneous things, like vending crafts at concerts and such. Cory and I left John's house and headed home where Cory cooked up an awesome chicken stir-fry with noodles. We stuffed ourselves and watched a movie. Before long it was time to hit the sack. I'll sleep well tonight. Dry tent! (4 miles)