I went out to the grocery store after getting up. I got all the ingredients for a fat Spanish omelet. I returned to Cory's and he had woken up. I cooked up some breakfast for a good start to what looked like another perfect day. I dropped off a nice piece of omelet to Chantel at the coffeehouse and she returned the favor with a tasty mocha. Now its back to the library for some more computer fun!
After a few hours on the computer, I've caught up with my journaling input without losing my sanity. We BBQed some chicken, zucchini, roasted eggplant, had some rice and a nice salad for dinner. This evening was open mic at the Backwater and Chantel was going to sing a few folk tunes and play guitar. It was cool hearing her play, she's very talented. It was old friends hanging out and the night was a lot of fun listening to all the musicians. Jeremiah even got out his digery-do. We closed down the bar and went home shortly after for bed. (5 miles)