I got up and took the bike into the shop for a check up. The gears have been slipping a little so it was nice to get another pair of eyes on the bike before I headed off onto the Cassiar. I walked around downtown and browsed an expensive whole foods market before returning to the bike shop. Parked outside the shop was a familiar looking bike. Thomas from Germany, who I'd met about 6 weeks earlier in Alaska, was in the shop. I think he was as surprised to see me as I was him. We caught each other up on our travels and talked about leaving Whitehorse together since we're both headed for the Cassiar. The bike shop mechanic straightened my derailleur hanger and looked over the rest of the bike. I was actually surprised how little they charged me ($26). I went back to Cory's for some leftover curry chicken and to check on the bean and sausage soup that we started last night. Today looks like it will be pretty easy going. I'm going to try to get in touch with John to see if I can load up my pics on his computer and put them on a CD so I can post them with my journaling. Now it's back to the library for some email.
After some lunch, Cory and I went over to Johns to hang for a bit and also to see if I could access my photos on his computer. I was able to after a short while and we burned them onto CD. Unfortunately the whole process set off a glitch on John's computer so he was a bit upset. I returned to Cory's house and we got ready to go out and see a blues/rock band, Alyie Sparks at a bar with Betty, one of Chantel and Cory's friends, and Megan. The music was good but we only stayed for a few drinks before heading back home. Chantel had gotten a house sitting gig for tonight so she and Cory stayed there while I got to house sit their pad. It was nice having a bed to sleep in for a change. (4 miles)