Hey Cuz....sounds like so far so good! The trip sounds great!

I was catching up on the journals and remembered something about mosquitoes...we used to have a lot of trouble with them at the Rennaisance Faire where I volunteered, and I found a remedy in one of my herbal home remedy books:

"INSECT BITE PREVENTATIVE: Before going into an area that you know has many insects, take 1 tablet of 100 mg thiamine. If you are going to be out several days, hiking or camping, take several tablets a day. Insects stay away."

Thiamine is Vitamin B1. According to the pill bottle, it says it's 'vital for converting food into energy'. ;-) Sounds good already! Anyway, we used this at the Faire and the skeeters and gnats seemed to stay away, even from Michael who apparently was a juicy target. I think you prolly can find it at a drug store or even a grocery if they carry vitamins.

I did notice that I started to smell very lemon-y after using it a couple days! The deliberate overdose comes out thru your pores, but it worked on the STL bugs. Maybe it'll work on the BC ones, too.

Love all the pics. Isn't Canada gorgeous???