I woke up to everyone getting ready for work and school. I said goodbye to Misty and continued relaxing on the comfy couch pillows. I got up when Laurel was getting ready to head to work at REI, the chain out door store that is common throughout the NW and some other parts of the US. My legs were very sore from the weekend of hiking. It will be nice to relax today and rest up before continuing on my cycling journey tomorrow. I popped some music and went up stairs to Misty’s computer for some journal entry. I took a piece over to Laurel and she seemed very appreciative. I ended up buying some degreaser and some expensive gloves to replace the ones I lost in Victoria. Hopefully these $36 Pearl Izumi’s will be worth the price. I told Laurel about the cook out tonight and then headed back to the house to continue my typing. I finally finished up and then decided to sort through the photos from our weekend in the mountains. I went through all the photos from the amazing weekend but before I could upload them online, Misty came home from work and we were making dinner plans. After a chat with Nicky and Jason, we decided to pick up food for shish-kababs. Misty and I went grocery shopping then hopped over to Jason and Nicky’s to start chopping away. We had a good conversation over wine as we prepared the meat and veggies on long skewers for the BBQ. After a while, more people started to show up and it became quite the party. We ate delicious grilled veggies and meat and had lots of fun. We finished off the night watching a great show called “Stomp out loud”, a group of drumming and percussion performers. I crashed out on the couch after every one left but not before thanking Nicky and Jason for being such wonderful hosts. (3 Miles)