I had a great sleep and woke up to an empty house. I did some work on the computer but was unable to load photos for some reason. The day was looking nice so I decided to take a bike ride around La Conner and check it out. I rode through downtown and past the small bakery/cafes and art galleries. This place seems very tourist oriented. I went into one gallery of a stained glass artist. There was some amazing art in there. I thought about making cookies for my wonderful hosts so I picked up some milk before heading back to the house. I spent a little time on the computer and then made some Vietnamese soup from a package. I sat down and enjoyed the soup with a beer and listened to some Buena Vista Social Club. Billie came home from work and we went out for a short hike along the water. We talked about how it used to be out here. There was a nice view of Skagit Bay at the end of the trail and a few nice looking Madrona (Arbutus to Canadians) trees clinging to the rocky substrate. We returned back to the car and Billie dropped me off at the house before picking up Hannah and Sandra from their carpool drop off. After they returned, everyone was in the kitchen. Sandra was making arroz con pollo (chicken with rice) and I was making cookies. Lauren arrived shortly after and then we sat down for dinner. After dinner, we munched on soft cookies and milk and I watched Lauren and Billie practice songs for an upcoming party on the fiddle and mandolin. We stayed up chatting for a while until everyone but me went to bed. I did some more computer work before calling it a night myself. (3 miles)