I had a good nights rest and woke up around 10am. After some conversation with Kim, I gave my friend Chau a call to see if she wanted to hang out today. It was another beautiful and sunny day. Chau and I went out for some lunch at Flowers, a vegetarian spot. We had a nice long lunch and then picked up my Frisbee and went to Gasworks Park to enjoy the sun and some fun activities. Many people had their boats out on Lake Washington and others enjoyed the park cycling, kite flying, and throwing the Frisbee. We relaxed a while after a not so successful try at hacky sack and then decided to go see a movie. We went to Capitol Hill and saw Baraka, a movie of photography without dialogue. It was an intense film showing scenes of human rituals and natural beauty. After the movie, we got a bite to eat at a nice cafť in the Fremont area. Chau dropped me off back at Kimís and we talked about meeting up again on Wednesday for another movie session at Seattleís Experience Music Project (EMP). Kim and Kristen were making dinner when I came in, a nice Pad Thai. Even though I wasnít too hungry, I had to partake in the delicious meal. It looked and smelled too good to pass up. I called my friend Chris, who I know from college and havenít seen since. He just moved to Seattle. We talked about getting together tomorrow. We have quite a bit of catching up to do. I also called a local Servas host, Sara, a craftsperson who works at Pike Place Market, and arranged a visit for Tuesday. She also invited me to an African drum class that I am very excited to attend. I had a nice fat slice of Kimís chocolate cheesecake that was Oh so good and then called up another Servas host named Jessica. We talked about getting together on Thursday to work on an organic farm. The week started to come together with cool plans and activities. The weather is supposed to be nice and sunny through most of the week, which should facilitate lots of fun outdoors stuff during the days. After some writing and email, I hit the sack for a good nights sleep.