Yesterday, I heard my buddies Heather and Skylar were in town, fresh off the boat from observing. I got a hold of them after getting up and we arranged to meet a little later to enjoy the sun with some disc and hacky sack. I ate a couple fat slices of lasagna leftover from the other night and then met up with Heather and Skylar. We went out to Gasworks Park and tossed around the sack and disc for a while as we soaked up the rays. It was nice catching up with those two. It had been a while. After sweating it up outside, Heather and I dropped off Skylar for a nap and then hung out for a couple more hours. She and her dude had been doing some sailing around Baja California. So we traded stories for a while about our interesting travels. Around 5:30pm, my friend Chau came over to pick me up for our double feature, Freestyle: The art of rhyme, and Breath Control: The history of the human beat box. We scrambled to grab some food before the flicks and ended up scoring some great Thai food. We munched on our Pad Thai and then met up with Chauís friend Elsie, and Kim before the movies. Both films were phenomenal. After the movies, we went upstairs to check out this jazzy R&B band in the EMPís Liquid Lounge. We had a drink and enjoyed the music before heading back to the University District. We dropped Kim off and then Chau gave me a ride to Jessicaís house. Jesse is a Servas host that I am going to be visiting with tomorrow for some organic farming and whatever else the day brings. I said goodbye to Chau and snuck in quietly to Jesseís extra room to crash out on the couch.