After a nice easy morning getting my stuff together for my departure, I prepared to head out towards Belfair. My friends Skylar and Heather are going to be meeting me in Belfair at the cabin I’ll be staying at. They’re going to be hitching a ride after taking a later ferry over. I cruised over to downtown and took a ferry over to Bremerton. Bremerton has a naval shipyard that I cycled past on my way to Belfair. I saw huge aircraft carriers parked in port. I stopped to take a couple photos and then continued along the trafficy road. The ride to Belfair was pretty easy going. I stopped at the grocery and got some goodies for the weekend. There is going to be some oyster eating! I also rented a movie, Insomnia, which I heard was good. I cycled the rest of the way to my friend Sally’s cabin on the Hood Canal. I parked the bike and got comfortable as I watched a nice sunset by the water. A Great Blue Herron was perched out on an anchored raft out off the beach. After a couple of hours, Skylar and Heather showed up and we started cooking dinner. They told me about their journey and the few characters they’d gotten rides with. We ate a good pasta meal, smoked a nice joint, and enjoyed the relaxing setting. Around 11:30pm we got out the flashlights and went oyster picking. We spent some time checking out the oysters on the beach, shucking a few to eat raw and then came back with about 2 buckets to mess with tomorrow. After some dancing to good tunes, we called it a night. (28 miles)



Pic: Bremerton Naval Shipyard