We ended up sleeping in pretty late but who cares when you are in this kind of environment. We fixed up a nice breakfast and then began to shuck oysters for a fried oyster lunch. The day was pretty overcast sowe didnít mind just chilling out. After some deliciously fried oysters, Skylar and I had a great hacky sack session. We lost Heather for a while to along talks on the phone with her boyfriend, another observer who was still out at sea. Later on, we fixed some pumpkin soup for dinner. I went across the street to say hello to neighbors Dale and Barb, who Iíd met out here a while back. I told them of our oyster picking adventure and the good times we were having out here. For dinner, we munched on steamed oysters done on the BBQ, pumpkin soup, and leftover pasta. We watched that movie, Insomnia, which turned out to be pretty intense. After the movie, we had a nice smoke and listened to some good tunes before bed.



Pic: Heather and Skylar on the porch