After another great nights sleep, Heather fixed up some tasty breakfast and then we began cleaning up the place a bit. Dale came over to visit while we were relaxing on the porch and he offered Skylar and Heather a ride to Seattle since he and Barb were going back towards that way. It was a great score for the girls since now they wouldn’t have to worry about hitching rides and the ferry. I went out to dump the oyster shells from our little oyster fest back into the canal and I saw Barb had a little fire going on the beach to burn up some yard clippings. I couldn’t resist grabbing a few more oysters to toss on the fire and munch on. The ride was still low so I picked up a few and steamed them up on the coals. I listened for them to pop open, telling me they were ready to enjoy. Before the girls left, we had a great hacky sack session outside. I am really enjoying improving my skills, especially with others who seem to enjoy the nack for the hack sack as much as I do. I said farewell to my friends and they took off for Seattle. I decided to spend one more night here and leave tomorrow morning. I cooked up some dinner, a nice chicken stir-fry, and then watched a few movies while doing laundry. I finished up the night with a nice long bath and then caught up on my writing before going to bed.



Pic: Dave and Heather on the porch