I woke up around 9am and got an oatmeal breakfast in to start my day. Most of my things were packed up so I just checked around to make sure everything was nice and clean before leaving. I want to get invited back! I pedaled back to Belfair and then started around the other side of the Hood Canal. I stopped in at a local library after about 10 miles to check some email. I wrote down some phone numbers and moved on. The day was ideal for cycling. It was overcast but not too cool. I observed many oyster beds on the South end of the Hood Canal and also checked out the beautiful fall colors of the trees along the road. I stopped at a little farmerís market for a snack and then headed over to Highway 101. The fall colors, green, golden, yellow, and red, continued to astound me but the scenic views came with the price of noisy traffic. Fortunately, there was plenty of shoulder space to ride on. I was making such good time on the relatively flat roads. I had to wonder where Iíd end up tonight. I passed through tree farm land around a town called McCleary. I felt like I could keep going and going but eventually it started to get dark. I finally made it into Montesano after dealing with two flats. It never fails. Iíll go a long time without any flats when I do get one, they come in pairs or more. It turned out that my rear tire had a hole worn through it. After the second flat, I changed the tire with my knobby spare. I hoped to get more mileage out of that rear tire but I guess Iíll be looking for a new one now. I ate dinner in Montesano and gave Dan and Barb a call, who live near Raymond, about 25 more miles away. I wanted to tell them Iíd be stopping by tomorrow but nobody was home. If I canít get a hold of them tomorrow, Ií guess Iíll just have along day to Astoria, but I wouldnít mind breaking it up after todayís long day. I rode out of Montesano a few miles in the dark and then found a decent spot to pitch a tent in a vacant lot. After some writing, I crashed out. (78 miles)



Pic: Finally on Highway 101, enjoying fall colors and a nice shoulder.