I got up early, around 6:30 and had oatmeal for breakfast. This morning, the sun was shining through on my camp spot much earlier. I had some small talk with my neighbors before heading out around 8am. I passed through Brookings and took a side road towards the Harbor and then through a rural area until I hit the California border. I breezed through the agricultural inspection area then cycled through more farmland until I got to Crescent City. I looked for a place to eat lunch and found a pizza place boasting an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet, so I stopped in to do some damage. I relaxed and watched some old classic football game they were playing on Espn on the restaurantís big screen. I left completely stuffed and looked for the local library to check my email. After a quick email check, I took off south and prepared to climb the Crescent Hills, which was basically a big mountain with three hills on top. As I ascended, I started to see some large redwood trees standing on both sides of the windy road. I had to pay attention to the shoulderless road, but it was difficult amongst such massive trees. Eventually, I reached the last hill and cruised down to Klamath. On the outskirts of this town was a tourist spot that had a huge statue of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox. I took a photo and then moved on. I stopped at a small market to get a few things for dinner and talked to the check out guy who seemed interesting. He was eager to read me his poetry, which seemed a little heavy on the spirituality for me. I tuned out after the second on and made an escape to my bike after the 4th. I rode across the Klamath River Bridge, which is guarded by two golden bears at each side. I began to climb my last uphill of the day when I realized there was a hole in my rear tube. I already was a bit behind schedule after spending lots of time in Crescent City and the long climbs up the Crescent Hills. I saw it was a slow leak, so I pumped it up to see if I could ride it out. I did this about 4 times in 4 miles then decided to fix the tire. I patched the flat on the narrow road to Elk Prairie Campground as it became dark. I rode what was left of my uphill, about a half-mile, and then began a long descent through giant redwood groves. Unfortunately, it was too dark to photograph them, but lets just say some were wider than the whole length of my bike and trailer. At times I just stopped and stared in awe. I reached the campground, which was just about empty except for 1 other camper and the hosts. I showered up and decided to skip cooking and just eat some fig newtons, avocado, and chocolate milk before writing and then going to sleep. (69 miles)



Pic: Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox