After a nice sleep, I woke up and watched a little TV and worked on some writing before John woke up. We went outside and practiced a little hacky sack. The weather was pretty warm and the sky was overcast. The news was forecasting a storm coming in and this looked to be the beginning. Nonetheless, we set out for a busy day. We went to get a U-haul truck to move some of John’s stuff from his Eureka place to a nice cabin in the redwoods not too far away. We had a nice meal at a Mexican restaurant and then picked up some of the larger things in his place and I got to check out his new spot. I could see right away why he was so excited to move. After a year on a busy street now he was at a nice quiet cabin amongst tall trees. We went to Arcata and hung out for a bit after shopping for dinner at the local Co-op. It was just as I remembered when I was here two years ago. I definitely didn’t look so different in these parts with my fat beard and dreadlocks. Humboldt County is known for its liberal and eccentric crowd. I felt right at home. After some time in Arcata, we went back to John’s old place and got some little stuff to move while we still had the truck. We went back to the new place and I started cooking up some southwestern black bean soup. We munched on bread and brie and some tasty feta-spinach hummus and waited for the soup to cook. We were later joined by Darcy, John’s girlfriend and we had some wine and soup and watched and interesting movie called “Jesus’ Son”, which kind of reminded me of “Requiem for a Dream” and “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” mixed. After the movie, we all crashed for the night as the weather kicked up and rain came down.