John and I got up and went out to complete a few tasks like get his winter wood for heating bought, and return the rental truck. We went to a nice local coffee shop called 3-2-1 and I met John’s friend Kevin who runs the shop. Coincidentally, Darcy was also there and we all enjoyed tasty warm beverages while the rain came down. I had a nice piece of quiche as well. John, Darcy and I decided to go out to the North Jetty of Samoa Peninsula to check out what the storm was doing to the surf. The waves were huge. WE enjoyed the sight of the churning waters and crashing waves and then ran back to the car in the rain. After dropping off Darcy, John and I went to the local market and picked up a few food items. I made some quesadillas back at the cabin and then messed around on the internet a bit while John got a fire going. Darcy came over later and we ate stir fry, watched movies, and talked. To finish off the night, we had some brownies.