We got up and went out to Trinidad for a big fat breakfast at The Eatery. On our way back, we drove a scenic route and checked out a few rocky beaches that were totally washed over by the high storm surge. We tossed around a Frisbee for a bit and then rode back to Eureka. I chilled out to a good Indian movie called “Monsoon Wedding” while John worked on some data. We spent most of the day indoors while it was raining outside, and took a break before dark to throw the disc and play a little hacky sack. I cooked up some Latin style pork chunks. We had it with rice and stir fry veggies. In the evening, we went to an Audubon Society meeting where a naturalist/biologist was putting on a slide show of pictures from the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador. The show lasted about 2 hours and was very well put together and very interesting. We came back to the cabin and chilled out it was bedtime. I did some email and writing before bed.