There was a terrific storm early this morning. It reminded me of some of the storms in Florida. There was lots of lightning nearby and the thunder was roaring. John and I woke up pretty late in the morning. I showered up and then fixed a fat Spanish omelet. The day was looking pretty dark and dismal but we had some things to do so we took off to start the day. We went to the laundromat and tossed in a load while we searched for a good fillet knife to slice up the Albacore tuna for this evening’s potluck BBQ. We ended up getting a 20-cent knife at the thrift store but it was the best we could find under the circumstances. We enjoyed a nice latte at 3-2-1 where Darcy works and picked up our clean clothes before heading home to slice up some tuna. I made a nice marinade while John cleaned the fish. We sliced out 4 big strips of meat from the fish and then loaded up the car to head to Darcy’s for the BBQ. After driving most of the way, we realized we had forgotten the marinade. We quickly whipped up a marinade from the house fridge and munched on some of the tasty foods that were already laid out. People started coming in by the pairs and there were many new names to remember. The tuna ended up being a hit as well as the other great foods that people contributed to the party. I spent most of the time relaxing on the couch but not too talkative. Maybe it was the mix of all the new people at once with the influence of the herb. He evening ended with just a few of us sticking around and then I drove John, Darcy and myself back to John’s place to crash out.