After a nice sleep, I woke up to John putting away some delivered firewood that just came in. He informed me that he wouldnít be going out to sea until Wednesday and not today, which was cool. John fixed up a good scrambled egg breakfast and then we played some hacky sack outside before getting going. We packed up the car and took off into town to 3-2-1 coffee to get some more work done. Iíd hoped to be able to use the library computer but it was closed. Humboldt County has a beautiful big library but unfortunately they donít have enough money to keep it open! John and I played hacky sack outside before he finally decided to get to work inside his favorite coffee shop. I took the opportunity to walk around downtown Eureka and check out some shops. I listened to some CDís in a music shop and then got pulled into a chocolate shop by the nice fragrant smell of cocoa, butter, and sugar. I bought a mint truffle and a dark chocolate bar for later. I stopped in at a bagel shop called Los Bagels and had a snack while catching up on some writing. Being in the city definitely encourages consumer mode but I guess after all the cooking weíve been doing, it kind of evens out. I went back to the coffee shop and John and I took a hacky sack break. We were joined by two very skilled hackers who impressed us with their juggling, stalls, and footbag manipulation. We were truly inspired. I waited for John to finish up his work while I flipped through tattoo magazines and ate some spinach Swiss bacon quiche. After a latte, we hit the road and came back to the cabin to hang out some more. I made some spagetti, which after a few beers and good herb, didnít agree with John as much. He had to toss it up but at least he didnít try to eat it or throw it at me like I remember my friend Josh doing one crazy night while in high school. After some computer, I crashed out. John had already been done for the night a while ago.