After a nice sleep, I was coerced to go out for some tasty crepes with Elena, Brian and Meghan. We went to Crepes on Cole. The selection was overwhelming. Sweet crepes, savory crepes, eggs, French toast, pancakes, oh my, I decided to get a savory crepe with spinach, avocado, provolone cheese, and some other ingredients I don’t remember. The others went for sweet. The nice breakfast started us on the right track for the day. My friend Lori was coming into town today so I gave her a call to figure out when we could coordinate a get together. I told her we were planning on seeing a movie on the Haight called “The Fast Runner”. I took a walk along the Haight to find the store where I could buy tickets to see Thievery Corporation tomorrow night. The others browsed a nearby bookstore. I bought the $25 ticket and strolled back to find them, occasionally dipping my head into a store or two. I bought a ball of colored hemp for some more weaving and then met up with the trio at the bookstore. Brian and I entertained ourselves with a little hacky sack before going to the movie. The 3-hour epic turned out to be a great story about the lives of some Canadian Natives in the Arctic. Meghan took off back to Yosemite around 9pm. We said goodbye and wished her well on the long drive. Before she left, Meghan extended an invitation for me to come out to the area and enjoy some of the natural beauty she’s been working around all summer and fall. Brian went out and picked up some dinner items and then collaborated with Elena to fix up a nice pasta dinner. I discussed with Elena the possibility of staying a couple more days in the house but unfortunately one of her roommates wasn’t comfortable with the guest situation, so tomorrow I’d have to look for another place to stay. Since I wouldn’t be seeing Brian or Elena in the morning before they went to work, after dinner, I said goodbye and thanked Elena for her hospitality.