I was woken by a call from Nicole. She and I were planning on going out to Yosemite and taking Meghan up on her offer. Nicole said she’d be here around 2pm. Meanwhile, I hung out with Nancy and helped her take down some drapes for washing. We checked out the nice panoramic view outside her window of the San Francisco area. After fixing up a nice breakfast, I showered up and did a load of laundry. Soon Nicole arrived and after a nice chat with Nancy, we decided to boogie and try to beat the mad traffic getting out of the Bay Area. We definitely had to deal with our share of traffic despite trying to leave relatively early. The car started to overheat due to Nicole overfilling the oil. We decided to take a break from the congestion and get the oil changed. The car was 100% better once we did that and we had taken enough of a break from the highway to let most of the traffic pass. We got back on the road and cruised into El Portal, a city near Yosemite, around 11pm. We found the house with ease and met Karen, currently its only inhabitant. Karen was just starting to get to bed and was cool enough to have conversation with us until we decided to crash. Karen works in the park as a biologist and after a short day tomorrow, is taking off for Northern California to spend Thanksgiving. Karen showed us where to sleep and told us to help ourselves to a nicely stocked kitchen when she was gone.