When I woke up, I noticed Nicole had hit the road on for an early hike with Miette. I took this time to myself to catch up on some journal entry. I am very behind on it. It has been hard to keep up with my writing as well. Iíve just been trying to live in the moment and havenít been spending much time sitting to record it. Even though it looks SO beautiful outside, I must dedicate today to computer entry to get back on track, so Iím not constantly worrying about this mounting task. I enjoyed a few pieces of the rich quiche that turned out to be very tasty and then sat down to the computer. Nicole and Miette came back around noon and wondered if I was interested in going out. I told her Iíd be dedicating today to the computer. After a hot drink, she went back out towards the park to enjoy another hike. Miette hung back with me while I continued recounting the last few daysí activities for my online journal. After catching up, I started to input past daysí writings into the computer. I passed much time doing this, taking breaks to snack on leftovers from last nightís dinner. Eventually, it became dark and Nicole came back from her hike. She said she had a wonderful time outside enjoying the beautiful day. I told her I should have given her my camera to use out there. I finished up all but a week and a half of journaling and called it quits. I uploaded what I had typed and ended my work on the computer for now. Nicole and I watched another movie before going to bed. The plan was to get up early tomorrow and get a jump on any possible traffic.