After an oatmeal breakfast, I dried out my tents and cleaned up my bike for today’s ride. The morning started with some tough climbs along vast lands of cow pasture. The sun was beaming down from the clear sky. Right away I made sure I had plenty of sun lotion on. I passed through towns like Valley Ford and Tomales and then started a nice ride along Tomales Bay. I stopped in Marshall and had lunch at a cool café. I ate a freshly made sandwich and washed it down with some organic chocolate milk from the local dairy farm. I continued the scenic journey along the bay and passed through Point Reyes Station and Olema before turning off Highway 1 on to a less traveled road called Sir Francis Drake Boulevard. I endured a big uphill that took me into redwood forests and eventually past the Samuel P. Taylor State Park, which was one of the first places where camping was promoted as a recreational activity. I liked the change back to forest, especially because it meant a break from the sun. I came into a town called Forest Knolls where I decided to give my Servas host in San Anselmo a call. This is when I got bad news. There would be no visit because their daughter got the flu. It was now 4pm and I had passed a possible camp spot back at the State Park. I decided to call up some other hosts in the area. Even though it was short notice, I figured it was worth a shot. I eventually got in touch with Tom who was very welcoming under the circumstances. He took me to a local school to meet his wife, Amy, a teacher. I also met Larry, another teacher who is an avid cyclist. Tom and I went back to the house and after washing up, I rose back to the school to meet Larry for a ride south to Fairfax to get dinner with his wife Molly. It was a nice ride, but dark. We enjoyed nice local brew and a $5 swordfish special. Yum. We had nice conversations about living in this area and mountain biking. I guess this area is one of the places mountain biking started. Larry and I rode to meet Amy and she and I rode back home in her car. Amy and I had a great conversation over tea about the area, our travels, and experiences with Servas. I enjoyed a nice soak in their hot tub under the full moon light before going to bed. (53 miles)