Meghan never showed up last night. We expected her arrival from the Yosemite area late at night. I found out from Elena that Meghan ended up oversleeping through a nap, so I guess she’ll be rolling in this evening. I had a pretty relaxing morning. After having some breakfast, I flipped on the TV and watched a cooking show. I talked to Mark a while about San Francisco, music and movies. I watched the end of an action martial arts movie before taking to the streets to enjoy the day. Today wasn’t as sunny as yesterday. In fact, it was pretty gray and cloudy. I browsed some shops in the area, checked my email at the library, bought some chocolate chip cookie ingredients and then enjoyed another tasty Thai meal at another Thai restaurant. I returned to Elena’s place and started making cookies. I baked a couple batches and then answered a ring at the door. It was Meghan! We decided to take a walk around Haight Street and burn off some energy. We got some milk and a few ingredients for a Spanish omelet breakfast. I found out one of my favorite groups will be playing here in San Francisco on Sunday and Monday, the Thievery Corporation. I saw a flyer on a telephone pole. We went back to the apartment to chill out. I finished baking the cookies and shortly after, Elena came home from work and her boyfriend Brian was with her. He had driven over from Sacramento for the weekend. We went out for dinner at a nice Asian cuisine place on Haight and then rented a movie to watch called “The dangerous adventures of alter boys”. It was a great movie. After some cookies and milk, I went to bed.