Coming from Alaska, Seattle's weather was warmer and wetter. This time of year, a rainless day seems rare around these parts. It gave me a good opportunity to see how other cyclists deal with the rain. I went to REI a few times for some gear and only came away with a nice rain jacket that was on sale. What's up with socks costing $10 a pair? Rediculous! I made purchases with Ortliev (Paniers and Handlebar bag) and MSR (Camping cookware and tent). I still need a trailer and am searching around for the best deal. I hope to get right into touring when I hit South Florida in May. I think this is where I'll figure out how and what to pack for long distance touring. I tried to get out and enjoy the outdoors as much as possible in Seattle. I got to experience a little of the Cascade mountains on two difference hikes, Rattlesnake Ridge and Mt. Si. My legs are still throbbing from the second which was two days ago. Last weekend, me and a couple friends went out to a Cabin in Belfair, WA on the Hood Canal. We picked oysters, ate well, drank well and had an overall great time being out of the city. Yesterday was spent buying and transporting couches from the thrift shop to the company bunkhouse and finished with a rewarding evening at the ballpark watching a Seattle Mariners game. They lost, but it was the first time I had been to a baseball game since I could remember so I enjoyed myself.
I'm pretty happy with moving my journal off my website and onto Bikeforums. I've gotten so much useful information from the cyclists who visit the forums, it would be nice to share my experiences on the road with them when I start. At the moment, I am 30k up with wings pointed to Denver to visit my friend Megan. I am excited about visiting Colorado again. It is such a beautiful place.