So I'm about to get in the hot tub to soak my aches away from the 18 mile round trip hike the couple days before when Ray calls from work saying he got off early and to get ready to go riding.
I guess my mind answered before my body could add valuble input to the tune of "What are you nuts?".
An hour later we're in Eagle, CO to meet a couple of his co-workers, Jerry and Stu. Everyone has their tricked out full suspension bikes and I got stuck with Stu's old hard tail that he had before he made the huge leap to his current $4 thou monster. I was greatful to have a bike though, and was eager to try some MOUNTAIN biking even if my legs were opposed to the idea.
We were at Bellyache Ridge and had a nice 3 mile climb up a dirt road which had deep grooves carved into it from 4x jeeps and motor bikes. No matter. I was huffin and puffin the unfamiliar thin air until we made it to our downhill single track. We sailed down in short bursts, stopping to regroup along the way. Jerry got a flat towards the end and as the trail became more difficult at the end, I became a bit more nervous. My helmet was too small, I was wearing sneakers on a bike set up with foot straps I couldn't use, and the forks in the front had been sticking since I started. The other three seemed to blaze through without further incident, but I took a dive and ate my sh*t at the very end. I stood up to accept my ovation from the boys down the hill and dusted my self off a bit before cautiously cruising in on the last bit.
It certainly was a rush experiencing some new terrain from the trail stuff I've done in S. Florida. Maybe not as technical, but definately faster and more steep.
There is talk of road trippin to Moab for some riding this weekend and I am pretty excited for that. Man, I wish I had my bike.