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    Pig Roast 2002 5.1.02

    So, being back in Iowa at my Alma Mater has been pretty interesting. Lots of unfamiliar faces, but remenicing with the few familiar ones has been fun. I took a ride with Marty and Nor, who tried their hardest months ago to convince me to get a road bike for my trip. Needless to say, they fixed me up with a road bike to conquer some miles on the hilly East Iowa roads. Speed! Wow, it was nice going faster, making that muscle effort count for a little more than on a mountain bike. Equally intense was trying to keep from getting thrown around by the wind while going downhill at who knows how fast.
    I've had a lot of fun so far seeing old professors and coaches. But one of the main reasons I came back was for the pork. It is the time for the annual pig roast to be held - four days of debauchery and a whole lot of roasted pig.
    I don't think I'll get a lot of riding done in the next few days. Maybe some ultimate frisbee. Right now, I'm off to do some plyometrics with the football team and play some basketball. That'll probably keep me sore enough for the next couple of days.

    Always on vacation,

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