After much smoking and beer drinking, it is now time to turn that sh*t around and get into shape. I thought about heading back to miami to start training, but I decided to stick around here another week and utilize the facilities on campus (I am still paying for my it, shouldn't I still be able to use it? - I think so). I'd like to do some more road riding out here in the nice weather. The heat in Miami might be a little overwhelming until I get into a little better shape.
12 of us just got back from playing ultimate frisbee which was a nice work out. It was such a beautiful day here in Mt. Vernon, it was just nice to be outside. I started some light lifting to try to rehab my shoulder (dislocated) and avoid surgery in the future. That went well.
Tomorrow I'd like to hook up with marty and nor and try to get on one of their road bikes.


This is a pic from our first Ultimate Frisbee game last week.