As I eat my poppy seed muffin and wait to depart Iowa, I think back on my past two weeks spent here. Its been one hell of a culture shock for sure. The binge drinking and debauchery doesn't even seem this rampant in our nation's biggest fishing port. Welcome back to College. One of the most memorable things is being with all the people around you and sharing all the new and fun experiences with the right people. Some of the experiences might have been familiar, but the people made it very comfortable and memorable for me. I definately had the right people around me these last two weeks. It was actually quite hard to say goodbye to all of it today. It was good to be back.

Now I am on to another place. Back home to Miami. Its hard not to be able to build up relationships over a little more time when you are on the move. But I guess that is life on the road. It has its drawbacks. Now its time to stay motivated about making myself ready for this bike trip. I am excited to see what kind of interactions I have along the way. In some ways I can say the journey has already started, and so far so good. I guess you could even say it started years ago.

Tension is still up at the airports. The illusion of security remains present. The disection of belongings, the questions, the camoflauge. Take off your shoes at the airport and keep your mailboxes open at home! I wonder what is next. It sucks that we have to protect ourselves from ourselves.

The Iowa weather is great today. I wonder how hot Miami is right now. I expect I'll be sweating up some clothes for a couple days until I get aclimated. I'll be missing my new friends, my old friends, and the good old Midwest hospitality I am leaving in Iowa. Its been real.


P.s. What do you think the flight attendant would say if I asked if she needed help passing out drinks. You think she'd let me?