The humidity hits you like a brick wall as you walk outside of the baggage claim to wait for your ride to come get you from the airport. Welcome to Miami.
My brother picked me up and we were home in no time. The heat feels heavy on me right now, but I am determined to get my bike back into working order and start putting some miles on it.
I just talked to Erich Kuball who just got back from his 11 month cycling tour through the Americas. It is great having experienced cyclists as a resource as I get ready for my own trip.
Now, I have to sort through some gear that has been waiting for me for a couple weeks here. I'm going to put together my BOB trailer, check out the paniers. I hope to start a practice tour by the end of this week or beginning of next.

Not much new at home except for a few more cats, a missing snake and a missing iguana. My brother mike got a new bike and seems ready to join me for some riding around here.

I want to thank Marty and Nor again for setting me up with a bike last week for some nice road riding through Eastern Iowa. Thanks to Ryan Lee for putting up with my ass for two weeks while I camped out on his comfy couch.

More to come...