Well, I spend a part of the day unpacking and assembling my BOB Yak trailer, and putting on my new Ortlieb Panniers and handlebar bag. I had many challenges today, but the refreshing 30 mile ride through Miami was not one of them. I'll write more about that later.
On the other hand, trying to figure out the instructions on the panniers and handlebar bag were like trying to learn a new language. First of all the Panier instructions, they, well, didn't exsist. Then the handlebar bag instructs were full of pictures, half of them trying to show you what not to do, which seemed to be easier to understand than the pictures of what TO do.
Equally challenging was trying to determine which parts of the bible of an instruction book from BOB was most appropriate for my Yak trailer. Maybe I was just more excited to get it and play with it than sit down and read. But (after a few curse words and sweat beads on the forehead) it finally came together, from the Yak to the saddle bags.

And then I was ready for my ride... holy cow, where is the sun lotion at?!