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    Freestylin' for my boys 5.15.02

    For my frat brothers cold chillin’ in Mt. Vernon, Iowa in the back seats of someones ride coming up with mad freestyle verses to the beats of Snoop Dogg or Outkast, I just thought I’d lay down a little flow of my own since you guys kinda caught me off guard in the flesh.

    Now Wags is on the mic for a little chitter chatta,
    as I unleash my flows the competition better scatta.
    My rhymes will hit you hard while the Others’ pitter patta.
    Appearances deceiving, cuz my clothes are looking tattered,
    but I’ve been chillin on a boat till my pocketses got fatta.
    No Matter.
    Wags not interested with material clatter,
    or cludder?
    These rhymes flow like melted butta,
    But, Um,
    Would you like for a funky alum revisit?
    I promise the most exquisite
    of experiences to come,
    but to only be dug by some:
    Like boys in blue who like to flow,
    but not only for the show,
    appreciating beats and rhymes,
    dropping lyrics just in time,
    for the challenge of freestyle,
    while hittin’ ganj and crackin’ smiles
    for these times we are a livin.
    Oblivious for what’s been given,
    like one chance upon this planet.
    I hope you start to understand it,
    what I’m saying, make the most of it,
    grab a glass and make a toast to it:
    LIFE... Live it up.

    To all my brothers of Gamma Tau Pi, thanks for the hospitality when I Swung in for a visit.

    My hat goes off to the real MCs who rock the mic right: Curnutte (A man of high morals, but a true freesytlin‘ pi-yump), Runia (The hip-hop connoisseur), Peter (P-Diddy) Cole, DJ (Mr. Toe-Up from the Flo-Up), and can’t forget that Ryan (Forunate Foooool) Lee.

    And a big shout goes to the Ultimate frisbee crew, the games were lots of fun. No love for the cherry pickers.

    And for those of you BikeForum readers scratching your heads and not bobbing them, sorry for the random thread, but I’ll have to tell you now, there may be many more.


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