I got some good cycling in today. A nice 34.5 mile ride, some through swarms of bugs, some through cool rain, and some through warm sun. Me and brother Mike rode down to Key Biscayne and back then down to the bike shop which is out West a little. He had to fix his computer and the people at the shop were less than helpful. But lets not dwell on that. It was a nice comfortable day of riding and I was glad to get a little something in before heading to the NE for some more friendly visits.
Today I donned my long sleevies due to a slight bit of lobster syndrom that popped up from the 60 mile ride into the everglades. That will teach me not to hesitate on the sun block application (see picture/subject heading). I was literally crying, not from the pain so much as the sweat dripping down my huge noggin and taking my not-so-soothing sun block on a ride into my eyeballs. All was well tho. It didn't keep me from spotting a cool looking iguana on the path. It wasn't the typical green variety, I think it was some kind of other species. I keep forgetting to take along the camera! I need to do that next time.

Speaking of next time, I am eager to come back and hook up with a few more people who like to ride. Albert in Kendall who is on bikeforums, and Erin in West palm. I still haven't gotten in touch with the Oleta crew, Jodi and Kris. I'll have to get in on some trail riding with them one weekend for sure. I think company on a ride can be lots of fun. My mind wanders so much while I'm riding, its kinda nice to be able to share thoughts with other people than myself during breaks or just side by side.

So, hopefully, I'll be able to get a few work outs in of some kind over the next week. I must say that time definately flies when you are having fun... Its already May 20!

Peace and thanks for reading.