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    Two Wheel Motion 5.27.02 Memorial Day in Miami

    I just got back today from a week in New England. It was about 3:30 in the afternoon by the time I got home from the airport and I figured I don't get riding till about now anyway, so I decided to get on my bike and join some friends at the beach on Virginia Key which was about 9 miles away towards Key Biscayne.
    The day was nice and I could see that people were definately out enjoying the day off. Music blasted from cars as I rode along side the beach parking scanning the area for my friends.
    Upon arriving, I noticed they had a considerable head start on the drinking, and I wasn't going to attempt to catch up! After some nice chats and soaking up the last bit of sun before getting blasted by some wind thrown sand, I picked up and headed back home for a BBQ.
    I am getting a little more focused on getting things together for the trip now. I am even starting to get a bit nervous when I think about how much time I have left to prepare. No worries tho, this is all part of the experience! I'll think back on these upcoming weeks months from now and smile at how exciting the preparation was.
    I tested out a new sunblock, Coppertone Sport. I liked how it didn't go on so thick and it seemed to hold up to the claim of not running into your eyes and burning, but then again I wasn't riding for an extended period of time.
    I set up the MSR Zoid 2.0 tent in the back yard. I think I'll be using that for my short Florida tour and end up taking the North Face Talus with me to Alaska.
    I'm starting to gather all my cycling gear and figure out what more I need. Tomorrow I am going to go pick up a few odds at the camping/outdoor store.

    I am excited about having some company while training down here. Shawn (Sokool) and I are going to try to get some miles together before he takes off. I am also thinking about starting my Florida mini tour when he takes off next week as we'll be following similar routes for a while. That will be my time to work out all the gear bugs and figure out what I need to pick up last before the final departure.

    Its looking like I'll be flying out of Florida around the 16th of June. I still have to set up my flight to Prudhoe Bay from Anchorage, for which I plan to use my Alaskan Airlines mileage. I also have to get set up with that Servas organization Koffee Brown recommended. Oh, so much to do! But how can you not smile at it all? Its a wonderful thing.

    Peace and thanks for reading.


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    Hey Dave, maybe we could meet up in Northern Cali. I'll be there probably before you, unless my bike gets stolen. I might even ride down to the LA area(Santa Montica ) after I stop at my sister's place around Sacramento. I'm sure my sister will let you stay at her place.

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