Me and brother Mike got together with Shawn (Sokool) for a ride through Miami. We took the Old Cutler Route and extended it a little to make the ride about 30 miles. Shawn had just gotten his bike back from the shop and was ready to test it out in preparation for his big ride across the US to San Fran.
I am trying to get my stuff together so I can join him for about 4 days as we cut across the state of Florida to the West coast. I figure that will give me a good chance to test out the gear before my departure. So far, it looks like we might take off Monday. We stopped by an LBS that had a killer sale on lots of stuff they were trying to clear out, so I'm going to stop by there today again and pick up some stuff.
Tonight I should be meeting up with Albert (Bertsot) this evening for a night ride along the South Miami bike trail which runs next to the Metro Bus road.
I feel planning rides with others definately motivates me to get out there daily, which seems crucial at this point in my training.

Thanks for reading.