Today, I took advantage of a good sale goin' on at the LBS and got a few things. I started out by bike at about 5pm or so and made it out of the store just before closing. I furnished myself with a nice Zefal pump that fits the frame nice and snug. Another pair of cannondale shorts, this time, an upgrade from the 2 pair of Hpx I have. I picked up a pair of specialized shoes for my brother for 10 bucks! Oh yea, and I got a new seat. One of the ones with the split in the saddle for my important veins and nerves and stuff.
So, I made it back just in time to organize a ride with Albert (Bertsot) who would be waiting for me down south on the Metro trail that I had taken to the shop.
Mike, by brother, came along for most of the way and with my petzl on my helmet, I put another 27 miles on the computer before calling it a day.
It was a refreshing change riding at night with less heat and less sun! I hope to do it again some time.

Now it seems as if a tour across FL after this weekend is shaping up nicely. And possibly plus one if Carl joins us. I am excited to see some FL wilderness.

Until next time...


Total Mileage: 46.5