Nothing much new to report. I took the Biscayne route with Shawn today. Rain threatened our ride late afternoon, but Shawn's superior metiorological <sp> skills were executed well and kept us nice and dry. My legs didn't have as much Umph as they usually do, so I stayed at a pretty easy pace for most of the ride. I am really starting to apreciate riding later on when the sun isn't in full effect. It can be pretty mercilous here in Miami with the humidity and all.
Tomorrow will probably be a nice and easy ride with Erin who my mom introduced me to. She lives up in West Palm Beach and I'll be riding up there with her tomorrow. It should be nice to get out of the city for some new scenery.
I went shoping tonight for some camp friendly foods for the Florida tour coming up this monday. I'm getting pretty psyched about that. I'll probably take Saturday and Sunday off from riding to give my muscles a nice rest before our start.
I finally got my SERVAS application ready and hopefully I can get together with one of their representatives before I head out.

Thats about all I got for now.