Ok, it is seriously time for some rest. I met up with Erin today in West Palm Beach and we went out for a ride during the hottest part of the day! It was a scorcher, but in the end we managed to conquer almost 40 miles. Riding up north was a world of difference from Miami. Wider shoulders, less traffic, and more scenic.
Erin sported a road bike and was kickin' my ass for most of the way. It was nice having someone to keep pace with. Definately challenging. I really enjoyed the longer stretches of road we had that pretty much don't exist around Miami. I think its what made the ride a little harder. Being able to just ride out without interuption.

Well, despite the great ride, I had to deal with an very bad situation. I borrowed my moms car to get to West Palm. I hardly ever drive. An hour and a half later, I am coming off the highway exit and the engine quits. Long story short, the engine over heated and the head gasket is caput. Over a grand to fix. Ugh.

I chatted with a SERVAS representative on the phone. She was very nice and I can't wait to meet with her tomorrow to find out more about the organization and the ways I'll be able to participate and contribute.

I am going to rest up this weekend and prepare for the Florida tour which starts Monday. I am a little nervous and excited for this. I feel good that at least we are 4 people and we can depend on each other. I think its pretty cool that all four of us are new to touring and figuring it out for the first time. It should be a memorable experience.