We took it easy today. After a late start from Billy's house in Royal Palm Beach, we encountered some more heavy rains which kind of stopped us dead in our tracks. Our goal was to head East and hit the coast so we could travel South down A1A. After an extended lunch break, the rain died down a bit so we decided to make a move. Just then, I get a huge nail in my tire. Patching up the tube wasn't a problem, only a slight delay. But it seemed to be the beginning of many setbacks in our travels concerning my tire. I had to patch up that dang tube 3 more times in different spots over the next 2 hours! It was pretty frustrating. I did have a spare tube that I wanted to use after the second patch, but I couldn't figure out how to readjust my pump for the presta valve.
Carl started to become a little excited and wanted to make it down south before it got too late. We had talked about taking the Tri-Rail down to Coral Springs because of the rain. We'd seen pretty much all of the coolest stuff we were going to see on this trip. The crappy weather was going to put a damper on the ride along the beach, so using the public transportation was looking like a pretty good option. Well, after my tire problems, Carl decided to split off and attept the ride, rain or shine. I could definately understand his view of not wanting to "quit" so close to the finish line, but I didn't really look at this trip in that way. So Mike and I decided to take the train South and skip the coastal traffic and iffy weather and head to our dads house in Coral Springs.
Tomorrow we head to Miami to finish up the trip with another 60 or so miles.

Peace - Thanks for reading.


Miles: 24

Pic: Billy's Boxer, Scout.