Hi all,

We have begun 72 hour dispatch on thousands of items. We will slowly be adding more and more items to this service so that we can greatly decrease delivery time.

To get the ball rolling, we have a big promotion and sale on flashlights, bike lights and a few other categories that are included in the new 72 hour dispatch service. Click the banner for big savings! The % discount for each light can be seen by clicking on it.

The promo starts today 3PM (GMT+8) BeiJing Time Zone and the banner link will go live then. Some quantities are limited so get in on it fast.

Look for more bike stuff on our 72 hour dispatch in the near future!



Hi guys, thanks for taking a look at our discount promo on high quality LED flashlights and bike lights. Itís always great to save a little money, but we thought we would do something special for you forum users. We want to buy a couple of you a light! So hereís a little fun giveaway, it works like this:

Click on the banner at the top of the post to go see the great deals we have going right now. If you find a flashlight or bike light that you like click on it to see the product page, then simply copy the URL of the product here into this thread. You can also post a picture but it is not required. Tell us in a few words what you like about the light. Thatís it!

At the end of the promotion we will randomly choose 5 lucky winners and give them a $10 Gift Card to use toward the light of their choice or any other item from DX.com. We hope you take a minute or two and give it a try!