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    24 hrs Summer Solstice

    I am thinking about putting together a team of coworkers and pals to ride 2007 Summer Solstice. Anyone out there rode it before?? If so tell me all your tips, from training to camping to preperation...

    I think we will put together a 10-man corporate team, just for fun, I just want everyone to have a good time and not a bad experieince. Any suggestions would be great...


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    Scooby Snax
    Training, be prepared for an hour to two hour ride if you're corporate, and have 10 riders, depending on all the riders ability.
    if you know you're going to ride two laps, you can basically go for broke each time, as you'll have about 12 hours to recover between them.
    Have a "treat" for after your lap, something you can look forward to, a beer, cake just something to keep you determined to get to the finish.
    Make sure you have twice as many pairs of sox, shorts shrits as you think you may need.
    Also, make sure you have a warm jacket, pants, hat and a warm sleeping bag. even in late june temps can drop down to single digits overnight, coupled with exertion, you get awfully cold when trying to sleep or rest.
    Try staying up all night, and go for a night ride, ravenshoe, york or durham forests with your full lighting to ensure that it will work.

    Bring lots of food you know will not stress you out.

    i.e. don't decide to eat "all healthy" for that weekend alone. Watch things like musli, if you don't eat it every day can give you massive gas. Ive found eating several smaller meals works best.

    FRS radio's are a great thing, have a clipboard to keep track of when people start their lap, and call in at the "5 km to go" sign. you can gauge the amount of time the next rider needs to get tot the start line after two thirds of a lap.

    Post lap, get out of your riding clothes and have some protein and carbs 1/4 - 3/4 ratio right after you get in, hopefully within 20 minutes.

    Drink lots of water, gatorade if you wish.

    It's car camping, bring everything. a barbque is great, you can boil water, make soup, and cook near everything on it.

    Two other items that I have found handy, meaning they work for me.

    You're camping, soap and showering are optional, due to mosquitoes, a rinse is ok, but avoid the soap and shampoo.

    Diaper wipes and Diaper cream, can save you a lot of anguish. if you get even a mild chafe going on, slather the zincofax on asap.

    Good luck.


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