Good Day All,

I am new to the Bike Forums. What has brought me here you might say? Well I have decided it's time to become a little more involved in the cycling community as it is slowly becoming a great passion for me. I have always been riding since I was kid but alway on mountain bikes. Longest ride is my 1996 Bianchi Ocelot. She is a mean green fighting machine and with upgrades of the years has served me well. I moved to Toronto two and a half years ago and the bike paths and trails here have fed me with cycle passion. So in turn of wanting to slowly transition to a road bike I decided to pick up a decent hybrid. Not to mention I ride in the spring - fall months to do my part on reducing green house gases. Enter my new 2006 Dew Deluxe. Good bike thus far and I might say I am a bit converted when it comes to disk breaks.

Well with all that said, tis my story. I hope to get to know this community and learn from the greats that exist within here. From what I have seen from the past while is a great deal of knowledgeable riders and people.