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    AVANT GARDE FRAME - Ontario? Quebec?

    I already posted this in the vintage forum, but no one's replying. I thought I'd give it a go here, too.
    I live in Montreal.

    I got this frame from a shop a while ago, and they didn't really know the history. I've been trying to find out more about the manufacturer but can't find ANYTHING.

    The brand is Avant-Garde and the model is DeLuxe.
    It's got some nice decal work, on the seat tube it's got a Canadian Flag, and on the headset tube it's got a great graphic logo with the letter A in it. It's a pretty standard road frame and is - from what I can tell - chromoly. Also, judging by the style of typography, the original colors, the fork, and the logo, it seems like it was made in the 60s or 70s.

    I've got a flickr set of my fixie here, where you can see some detail photos of the frame:

    any help would be greatly appreciated!
    i've been googling for weeks now.
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    not that this will help you any further, but i came across an Avant garde ladies/mixed De Luxe road bike. Shes in pink... and has some serious rust on it. but the frame is in good condition and so are the nice decals. the components on it seem to be low end shimano stuff. im from montreal too... and this one was found on my steet a day after these ppl tried to sell it at their garage sale. was left on the curb this sunday.

    I have a feeling this was a department store type bike... maybe it came from Sears back in the day...

    nothing else notable....

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