Special treatment the same way that school zones get special treatment. If a car driver faces tougher penalties for speeding in a school zone they should face tougher penalties for endangering cyclists. Be that opening car doors without looking, pulling out in traffic, pulling over in the bike lane etc.
So yeah, special treatment in terms of enforcement. As a society we need to protect the vulnerable. The attitude of most drivers here is that bicycles do not belong on the road.
All my friends that don't ride don't do it because it's "too dangerous". That's the same mentality that car drivers have when they label us all "idiots".
Just a few weeks ago a guy was killed because he got doored and then ended up under a truck.

So yeah, we need some laws and ENFORCEMENT to make people think twice before opening that car door, pulling over in the bike lane, pulling out in traffic etc.
And as a motorcycle rider for 5 years now I can say that motorcycles need special treatment too .. ie; keep your damn distance you crazy moron car driver. We recently got to park motorcycles wherever cars can park on the street which is a huge improvement. And yes, motorcycles are more fuel efficient and easier on traffic congestion so people need to be rewarded for having less of an impact.