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    2009 tour East Canada, somebody could join?

    Looking for somebody next year to join late summer or autumn 2009 east of Canada:

    From Europe..
    East Canada
    New Zealand
    To Europe..

    Would be cool to meet someone that would join a part or parts on the east coast!

    I be flying over the sea from Norway/England to Halifax or Quebec in sommer or late 2009.
    It would be nice to meet some Canadian, US or ANYONE that would bike area New Brunswick, Prince Edward and New Found. And then down to Montreal or something.
    I quit job, has no time schedule, i will take all the time in the world if i need it.
    30 to 130km in one day. Just have to stop when old bars with never tasted local good beers suddenly is on the road. Would be camp fitted with rear racks, but also like a normal motel/hotel/shower sometimes to relax. Like to eat out and catch a fish for dinner with a simple rod, depends on weather..
    Like to meet local strange people. My last ride was all around Irland, it was just insane the small places and people we ran into in the small villages, one night they closed us into the bar (It was only one bar in that city) and the next moment i was in a this crazy kickboxing girls bed..Not good:-/ But i also slept in many strange places on that that trip.. Best tour in my life only sunshine, therefor i want to do it again.
    Goal for this tour is to turn soul down to zero and dont care about life home, explore, learn more english and write a book or poems. And take self courses in German language.

    I would go with a old steel frame (that is well equipped) and just stem and rear rack. Nothing fancy but around XT minimum equipped. A tent and just a minimum.

    After that i would head down to Montreal to take train to mid or west Canada to bike thru the Rockys and then fly to South America or New Zealand. And then end up in Thailand before i maby head to some utopia or bike or fly to Europe agian.

    Would be nice to hear from anybody.
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    ....sounds interesting! I don't know if my work contract would have stopped by then but I'll be glad to join in for a little while... have an old steel tourer that I'm fixing/painting/uphauling right now, either that one or my old steel Rocky Mountain rigid mtn bike (an unbreakable and sturdy beast).

    I'll be happy to keep in touch with you for next year... See ya!

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    2009 tour east Canada

    I might also be interested in trip from Rimouski to Montreal so write me an e-mail a few weeks before heading to Canada. I don't know if you've heard about but they're an organisation whose members offer a bed, camping space or a shower to travelling cyclists. Definitely worth a look.

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    PM me and I can put you in touch with a Halifax area contact that is active with the cycling/touring community.
    Conquering the GTA, one block at a time...

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