Just curious who's going to the Bike Show and was thinking of extending the cost of admission to have a bit more fun by meeting up with some other local riders. I know there are some DIY lighting people from the Electronics & Gadgets forum in T.O. I would be one of those loving the bright lights and building them as well.

I'm thinking of making it there and the weather this weekend is looking in our favor. It'll be Fri. +1C, Sat. +6C, and Sun. +8C. I was kinda cheezed over the $13 admission before and only spending about less then 2hrs at the show as when you enter the show it's kind of a one eye sees all in the show as it's small-medium sized floor space inside.

Last time I was there I scored 2 x Continential Twister tires for $20/ea and some chain scratch guards but didn't really find the pricings on the items that good. The fall show seems to be better for summer deals but the line ups there are crazy.

I know this meet up idea is a bit last minute and I'm not even sure I can make it but just getting a feeler of who is going and possible meet up.