Hey, Well I plan on getting a road bike next month with my tax refund. I have found a Mississauga Bike club that does weekly meets not far from me. They also do a learn to race course which teaches you how to safely ride in a group at speed and other necessary skills which I plan to take as well.

Now I am flipping between 2 stores because they are the 2 closest. One used to be called Re-my Sport in Streetsville (http://www.viaciclante.com/) and the other is Gears. Gears is actually a sponsor for the bike club, and as a member they get a discount at gears which is why I am thinking about them. But from what I have read they only sell 2 brands and are overpriced, but I have never been there so I cant compare.

Anyone have any input on which store would be better to deal with?