Well I thought I would make a sister thread to the GTA one. Ottawa has quite a lot of bike shops, especially considering we are about a quarter the size of Toronto! Although I've lived here for over ten years, I probably haven't been to half of them. Just wondering what everyone thinks the best ones are.


Tall Tree Cycles - a relative newcomer to the Ottawa scene, I think they have done quite well since they already moved into a bigger location this winter. They are big on Fixies, 29ers and touring/commuting bikes. They definitely appreciate the retro/vintage/classic stuff, too - where else can you get grand bois tires? The owners also design the Steelwool line of frames which are really versatile and practical bikes (I may be biased because I own one).

Phat Moose Cycles - been around a bit longer than Tall Tree, but not by much. These guys cater to the FR/DH crowd, BMXers, as well as commuters and bike messengers. Very good selection of brands for such a small store, including a lot of local stuff (Dobermann, Steelwool, xprezo).

One thing these stores both have in common is their workshops are open so you can watch all the work they are doing and talk to them while they are doing it. Really shows they take pride in their service and aren't trying to hide anything. Also, as one who like to get my hands dirty, I usually learn something while I'm there.

I could go on rants about which stores I DON'T like, but for now lets try to do as Mom used to say: if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all!