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What should i do for my first Long distance bike ride.


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Start very early in the morning when there is good weather forecast. Mount a couple of water bottles and a rear rack on your bike. Take plenty of stops on the way to refill the bottles. Put a bag on the rack with tools, spare tube, puncture repair kit, pump, snacks, rain jacket. Clip a map of your route to cables or handlebars, with distances marked so you have a good idea of how you are progressing. Take a big break in the hottest part of the day. You should have a following wind for your return trip. I think there is very little flat because of all the creeks rhat flow into lake Ontario, but no big climbs. You will be riding about 140 km, so be prepared for doing the last part of your ride in the dark - blinkies and LED flashlights. What sort of bike will you be riding? Good luck.
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If you're used to doing 30km in a day, don't try to suddenly do 140km one day. Not if you want to be able to walk the next day, anyway. You have to build up to it. Try riding 50km, then 75, then 100. When you get to the level of doing 100km without any issues, you can be fairly confident that you'll do the 140.

I just did downtown Toronto to downtown Burlington and back this morning (110km) along Lakeshore Blvd the entire way; it's a really nice ride, with just a few rolling hills in Mississauga. Other than that, it's quite flat. Not sure about the stretch from Burlington to Hamilton though, since I've never done that.
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Eastern Canada . Lucky guy.. I'd head for Quebec and follow the St Laurence.
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Have fun! I might do that ride tomorrow myself, if I can't get up in time to do the TBN Wednesday ride in Hornby.
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Definitely work up to big mileage slowly. There's a lot that happens to your body as the rides get longer. If you work up to 100+km over weeks (or months) your body adjusts. Just going from your amount to 100+km would really beat you up. Plus you have to plan differently for long rides (more water, snacks, stops, etc.).

I just did a Lakeshore ride (using my road bike) from Oakville to Hamilton (using the bridge in Burlington and the Hamilton path). Didn't really like the Lakeshore route; bit too much traffic, sporadic bike lanes, a number of rough road surfaces, but it was primarily flat. If I do it again I'll use my mountain bike.

The Hamilton path is really nice and a good distance. I didn't find out where the path continues once you're out of the park though, but I believe you can get to Niagara if you continue.
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As mentioned above I suggest you build up to the entire distance. First trip from Hamilton to the Tim Horton's in Oakville. Second trip to Port Credit, stop for coffee and return. Third trip all the way to Toronto. The route is fairly flat with a few small hills in Mississauga and mostly along a bike trail or quiet roads. In Toronto the bike path hits a busy road once you reach the Waterfront area just past the CNE. I love the ride.
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